Space Unit Study

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We’re starting a Space Unit Study tomorrow and I wanted to share our plans and what resources we will be using.


We’ll be using the Gather Round Space Unit as our base, and also reading lots of picture books, non fiction and read alouds. Luckily our library had a ton of books for this topic. Here are some of the ones I picked up:


We always love adding games and we have tons with a Space theme! Here’s what we’ll be playing.


No Space unit could be complete without listening to The Planets suite by Holst. The Jupiter movement has always been one of my favorite pieces of music to play or listen to. Are you familiar with The Planets? What is your favorite? If you’re not, go listen to at least the Jupiter movement!


I got a couple DVDs from the library and I’m sure we’ll add some documentaries from CuriosityStream.


I made a bunch of things that I’m sharing below but we also have a couple of store bought things we’ll be using as well.

Moon Phases 3-Part Cards

These 3-Part Cards show all the moon phases, so they work really well with the Moon Phases printable below or just on their own. They definitely work best when printed on cardstock and laminated.

Phases of the Moon Printable & Cut and Paste

There is a printout of just the phases of the moon. One with more realistic illustrations and one with cartoon illustrations as well as a cut and paste worksheet. For ours, I laminated the worksheet and put velcro dots on the moons so they can be used over and over.

Space 3-Part Cards

This set of 3-Part Cards features planets (including Pluto), the Sun, and the Moon.

Space Cutting Practice

Space Building Cards

These cards have one space themed building task on each card. We are going to use them first with our Wikki Stix, but they could be used with legos, play dough, clay, or any other craft supplies.

Space Counting Mats

These alien counting mats go from zero-twenty. I have these cards laminated for Purpleicious so she can use a dry erase marker to trace the number.

Space Patterns

These pattern worksheets can be used as a cut and paste, or you can cut and laminate them to reuse. I laminated ours and also added some velcro dots so the planets will stick.

I’m excited for us to get started tomorrow!

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