Homeschool Room Tour

The past two weekends, I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing our “schoolroom.” It’s actually the family room, but our school stuff lives there. Sometimes we do school work here, sometimes upstairs. I don’t feel totally done, but I probably never would. It’s as good as it’s going to get, so we started school on Monday.

Here is one side of the room. The whiteboard to the left of the window is our daily routine, and the one on the right is our calendar and weather chart.
As you can see, the cats love to destroy the blinds, and I’ve given up replacing them until they have like nothing left on them. I need to find something they can’t break. Does anyone have any ideas?

These shelves hold the toys. The kids also have a tub of legos, blocks, and a marble run that live under the couch.

These shelves hold the art supplies that are out for the kids to reach easily. It currently has paper, watercolors, crayons, scissors, glue, and stickers on the top two shelves. The wooden box on the bottom left is Animal Lover’s spot for recycling she saves for projects. To the right is crafts currently being worked on, which right now is some sort of scene that has some plastic figures hot glued to a wooden tray.

These shelves hold our daily school books, flashcards, counting bears, headphones, and easy readers. On top there is a globe, and a box of wooden letters.

This is my desk area. I dream of a bigger desk someday that could double as a sewing area. Currently, when sewing, I take over the dining room table. Maybe one day. Haha. This is a table that used to be in our living room, but I moved it down here to use it as a desk.

The drawers to the left have my things in them, like the laminator, three-hole punch, etc. The drawers on the right have Purpleicious’ activity drawers that I showed here. I moved those into the clear ones after I posted the other day and covered the rainbow drawers with contact paper. (The patterned drawers on the left.) I was nervous about how the contact paper would work, but I like how it came out.

Here are the crazy bookshelves. I think they look better than before, but they’re still pretty crazy. There are probably more things I could get rid of, but this is what it is for now. The far-left bookcase holds board games, the second also has board games, but most of those are “school” games. The top row has single-player games for when someone needs something quiet to do, and the other shelves have a lot of phonics and math games, but there are some others mixed in. The third bookcase has audiobooks on top and then most of the non-fiction books on the rest. The fourth bookcase finishes the non-fiction and then has the fiction below. The fifth bookcase is everything else: Math manipulatives, craft supplies that aren’t out all the time (pipe cleaners, pom poms, etc.), basically a random assortment.

Here is the other side of the room. TV area and more board games. Remember when I said that if you saw our board game and book collection you’d wonder why I wrote a post on minimalism? I wasn’t joking. We love board games here.

There is also a kid’s table doubling as a coffee table and a place for someone to work away from the big table.

The tv area and the rest of the board games, minus the games that were upstairs being played.

And here is one of the blinds destroyers, caught in the act.

It felt so nice to get this area re-organized before we started school. We’re only on day 2, so things might change, but it feels so much more relaxed than last year. So far I am enjoying being on our own timeline instead of being on the hybrid’s timeline, and the changes we made to our curriculum seem to be going well. Hopefully it stays that way!

Are you preparing for school or still in summer mode?

7 thoughts on “Homeschool Room Tour

    1. Thank you! My parents had been living with us and that is where they were staying (it’s a raised ranch, so the downstairs). So while they were here we had everything squeezed upstairs. I now wonder how everything fit, but it’s been so nice to spread out again, and definitely made me appreciate the space even more.


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  2. Look at Home Depot or Lowe’s for the accordion blinds that seem to be a very heavy paper/cloth blend, you have to put them up to see what’s going on outside, but if you leave them up a little bit cats can sneak underneath and behind them without damage. Tell children and adults alike not to try to pull them to the side to look out, this will cause wrinkling. I think ours cost $30.00+ for normal windows.

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