Love is Spoken Here

Every time I go through my closet there is a section of dresses that I don’t wear but I keep anyway. It’s not because I have problems getting rid of things. At this point I probably have the opposite problem; I end up purging things I should actually keep.  It’s because they are my “Scott’sContinue reading “Love is Spoken Here”

This Pandemic is for the Birds

School technically ends for us next week, but since the pandemic is still going on it will be awhile before we are able to get back to our “normal” routine. So, I’m putting together some unit studies to help us all (ok, mostly me) stay sane. I asked Animal Lady (7) what types of thingsContinue reading “This Pandemic is for the Birds”

I Can’t Wait to be Six Feet Closer to You

Here are some highlights of our social distancing time so far. It all began on March 12th for us. That day, I decided that we would stay home from school and pick up a grocery order for my parents to make sure they were all set. After hearing talk on the news I thought thatContinue reading “I Can’t Wait to be Six Feet Closer to You”