Free Honey Bee Printables

We’re going to be starting a bee study soon, so I’ve been working on some activities for us to use. Some of the spring printables I made will work well for this, too, like the flower cards and the bee-shaped dot pages.
I’ll share a complete list of everything we use after we get started. We have so many fun books to read and games to play; it will need to be a separate post.

Bee Life Cycle 3-Part Cards

I love these honey bee life cycle 3-part cards, and these Safari Ltd honey bee life cycle figures work perfectly with them! As with all the 3 -part cards I’ve made, these work best on cardstock and laminated to last.

Bee Letter Tiles & Sight Words

This See it, Say it, Write it works well laminated so the kids can use a dry erase marker. This download comes with the See it, Say it, Write it sheet, the bee letter tiles, and the sight word cards. If you already printed the See it, Say it, Write it from the spring printables, you can select only the pages you need to print.

Bingo-Bee & other Pollinators

I am always shocked by how much my kids love bingo. We play so many different board games, but this classic is still always a favorite of theirs. This bingo game has not only honey bees but also other pollinators as well. There are ten bingo cards included, but you can print more or less as needed. These also work well laminated to reuse. My kids love using magnetic bingo markers similar to these because they love picking them up with the magnetic wand, but any bingo markers, scraps of paper, erasers, or anything else you have can work.

Bee Tic Tac Toe

Bee Shapes Matching Memory Game

Just like bingo, these are another two that I am always surprised by how much the kids still enjoy. The tic tac toe game can be reused repeatedly, same as the memory game, and will last much longer on cardstock and laminated.

Bee Patterns

Purpleicious has been loving this pattern sheets. I think the spring or groundhog ones were her favorite so far, but I think she’s gonna love these bee ones as well. I’ve been laminating them and sticking velco dots on them and keeping them in her drawers so they can be reused.

Bee Cutting Practice

I didn’t plan to make these, but so many people said they loved them, so here they are again! These are great for cutting practice, and to get a bit more use out of them first, you can have the kids trace the lines before cutting. There are color ones, but also black and white to save on colored ink.

So there are all the printables! I’ll be back soon with a post on our bee study.

If you use any of the printables, let me know in the comments down below how they work for you!

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