Game Review: Block Ness

This game was gifted to us by Blue Orange , but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

“The BlockNess monsters are finally rearing their heads but there’s just one problem- the loch isn’t big enough for everyone! Be strategic as you can by using the space on the lake to your advantage and be the last one to elongate your monster to win. The winning monster will be loved by tourists and may also win you a front page in the local newspaper!”

In BlockNess from Blue Orange Games, you are placing monster segments to make a longer monster than your opponents.

Quick Stats

Although the box says 8+, Chaosman (6) had no problems playing at all, and Purpleicious (4) could play with minimal help. So, if yours are a bit under 8, I wouldn’t let that be a deterrent to trying this one.

The Components

All the components seem well made and look like they will stand up to lots of play. The thick cardboard game board fits on top of the box for play and removes revealing the storage area for the sturdy hard plastic “monster” segments when not in use.

Game Play

You start with your lowest piece and your removable head and tail piece on your monster. As the turns progress, you add to your monster by placing a new segment adjacent to your tail or head and then move the tail or head to expand your monster. What’s extra fun is the pieces of the monsters are different heights, so you can pass over your own or other players’ monsters to add a piece. Block Ness is quick to learn, but there is a ton of strategy involved in choosing where to place your pieces and what height piece you decide to use. It can be a “friendly” game, or you can choose to block opponents-just watch out not to block yourself!

Overall Thoughts

Overall we’ve been enjoying BlockNess! I would recommend it as a great game for family game night or the kids to play alone. My kids like to lose things, so often I avoid games with lots of pieces, so I was nervous about this one. BUT after playing it, it’s worth it. My kids have loved it, and the game box stores the elements well, so I shouldn’t have to worry about them losing any.

You can purchase your own copy of BlockNess here!

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