Free Print and Play Board Games

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Well, we’re halfway through January, and even though our printer has broken and we’re out of glue sticks, I’ve avoided spending anything! Yay! In staying with the no-spend month theme, I decided to compile a list of free print and play games and games that just use dice or cards, as that’s something most would have on hand. And sorry for no photos of these beautiful games, but as I said, our printer broke. 🤪

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Free Print and Play Games

Many awesome game companies offer free printable versions of games and printable expansions for games. What an incredible thing for them to do! Below are some of the ones I found. Let me know in the comments if you know of any others.

  • Asmodee has a HUGE amount of free printable games available on their site for both kids and adults. I’m most excited to try out Carcassonne or one of the Choose Your Own Adventure ones because I loved those books as a kid. And they have printable versions of a bunch of our favorites, like Dixit, Concept kids, and Timeline. There are way too many to list here, so click the link and check them all out!
  • Blue Orange has quite a few free printables on their website as well. They have free printable versions of Niya, Kingdomino (2 player version), and a mini version of Cross Clues. They also have some expansions and other activities available to print for free. Here’s a link to all the Blue Orange free printables.
  • Gamewright’s printables include Splurt, and Sneaky Cards. They also have this printable game board for Metro X. However it doesn’t have the cards for the full game, making it a great game to play on Zoom with friends if someone has the original game. I highly recommend Metro X in general, Mike and I play it all the time.
  • Thinkfun has some free printable games and brainteasers found here, like a printable version of Rush Hour Jr.
  • Hasbro has printable expansions for Guess Who. These are added to the regular game. I couldn’t find anywhere telling which version of the game they fit, so I am assuming it is the most recent version. They had a few different themes including G.I. Joe, dinosaurs, sports and Littlest Pet Shop.
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Card Games

There are tons of games you can play with just a deck of cards! Here are some ideas to get you started. Most of these are classics that maybe you haven’t played in a while; I know I haven’t played most of this in awhile. I have great memories of playing spoons and President especially. 

Go Fish



Slap Jack

Crazy Eights

President (also known by some other names…)



Gin Rummy

There’s also a great list here of rules for tons of other card games.

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Dice Games

Lastly, here are some games that only require some dice to play. Except for LCR, I’m not sure I’ve played any of these, but I’m looking forward to breaking out the dice and trying them out.

Left, Center, Right

Ship, Captain and Crew

Going to Boston


Hopefully this list helps you find some great games to play for free! If you like this, you might also like my free printables page.

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