Free Thanksgiving Decor Printables

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How are there already Christmas decorations up? Is it only me who’s not even ready for Thanksgiving yet?!
I know every year I think that Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier, but this year it seemed to happen before Halloween. But I guess in 2020, we need all the cheer we can get, right?
However, if you’re still preparing for Thanksgiving (like I am), then this post is for you!
I love adding fun seasonal decor to the house, but I also dislike purchasing holiday decor, so I usually try to make what I can myself. I often make banners for holidays and typically use scrapbook paper and make my own by hand.
This year I decided to try to make some on the computer instead so I could share here!


(ALL the banners can be printed in ANY SIZE. I just took photos of one in each size to not waste ink.)

I made four different pennant style banners. Their messages include “blessed”, “thankful”, “grateful”, and “give thanks”. You can print any of these banners in any size you would like. When printing, if you’d like it full size, just print regularly. If you would like a smaller select more “pages per sheet”. I included a picture below that you can use as a guide for sizing. They work best on cardstock, but regular printer paper should work fine too if that’s what you have. I like to hang them on some baker’s twine with small clothespins. I attach the string to the wall with removable hooks. However you could also use a hole punch and string them on that way. Just punch two holes on top of each and thread the string through, so they don’t flip around.

Any of the banners can be printed in any size! Just select a higher number of pages per sheet to make them smaller.

Place Cards/ Gratitude Cards

I also made place cards in various patterns. Even if you have fewer people at your Thanksgiving table this year, these can be a fun addition to make your table feel a bit more special.
Alternatively, use them as gratitude cards. Have everyone write down what they are thankful for and place wherever you would like as a reminder.
These come in six different styles: turkeys, pie, greenery, cranberries, leaves, and pumpkins. They each have a blank white spot for writing on the front and the design on the back. Just print, cut out and fold. These are all in one download; just print the pages you would like.

And if you’re looking for some Thanksgiving printables for kids, here’s a link to the fall printables for kids. It includes Fall bingo, cutting practice, pumpkin life cycle cards and more.

I hope you enjoy these and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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