Game Review: Codermarz

This game was gifted to us by Coder Bunnyz , but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

In Codermarz, it’s the year 2090, and you’ve just landed on Mars. Your mission is to move your astronauts to collect all the resources needed to survive and make it to your martian home. This game introduces kids to AI and coding concepts while also teaching them a bit about the red planet.


All of the components of the game are well made. The astronauts are wooden pieces instead of plastic, which is I always appreciate. The board and cards are both thick and sturdy, as are the tokens. The insert for the box organizes all the pieces well, and the board folds up nicely on top, leaving room for the rule book.


The replay value will be great on this game, which is so important when deciding what games to purchase. In Codermarz, there are multiple play levels from “Basic Training” up to “Advance Exploration Full Throttle” which helps you learn the game and adds to the replay value. During the game, you draw code cards to move your astronaut, which makes every game unique because there are so many different possibilities of moving, which is sure to keep it interesting.


This game has tons of educational value. It introduces kids to AI, coding concepts, and information about Mars while reinforcing simpler concepts such as distinguishing left vs. right and following instructions. It would be fantastic for any gameschoolers and would be a great addition to any unit studies about space, planets, or coding.


Sometimes “educational” games can end up feeling too educational and not very fun to play. That is not the case with this game! Codermarz is full of strategy, and even though it’s a “kid’s game,” Mike and I found it really fun to play. We’re looking forward to adding it to our game nights regularly.

You can check out the Codermarz website here for some videos on how to play. I found it interesting that this game was created by a ten-year-old, which I think is so fun and inspiring for the kids playing it.

Overall, I would recommend Codermarz to any family with kids. It would be especially great for any that love science or have an interest in coding. I’m so happy that we added it to our game collection! You can purchase your own copy of Codermarz here.

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