Game Review: Bottle Bullseye

This game was gifted to us by Bottle Bullseye, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support.

I am so excited to share this new-to-us game with you! In Bottle Bullseye you flip the provided bottles (filled with some water), trying to land them upright on the provided mat, either on their base or on their cap. Based on where you land you score a different amount of points. Kind of like darts. It might sound like that is an easy task, but it actually takes some practice!

Look at those shots! I think I got pretty good! Full disclosure: I did edit out my misses. Haha


  • Made in the USA– How awesome is that? I LOVE being able to find products made in the USA, and this one is!
  • Super portable– The game comes with a carrying bag so you can take it anywhere!
  • Durable– The mat that comes with the game is thick and seems like it would be virtually indestructible. The bottles seem sturdy as well.
  • Play anywhere– You can take this with you and play it anywhere. It can be played indoors on the floor or a table and can be played outside on any flat surface. I could see this being lots of fun to bring to a family party, homeschool co-op, the beach, tailgating, etc. It also seems like it would be great for indoor or outdoor recess or gym class at schools.
  • For Everyone– This game would appeal to a wide range of ages. Kids and adults will both find it entertaining, and even adults might find it challenging. I beat Mike almost every time we played. I know! Shocking, right?! Mike typically wins everything, especially if it involves throwing something. Even though this didn’t come naturally to him, he still wants to keep playing and perfect his flipping skills. It’s a little addicting trying to get the bottles to land just right.
  • Easy to learn– Though it might take you time to get the flipping down, the rules and scoring are super easy to understand and learn.


  • Scoring– not necessarily a con, but one improvement could be to have a scorekeeping device included. However, we quickly remedied this by using a whiteboard we already had. You could always stick a notebook in the provided bag to take with you. Sometimes we also just remembered the score, which is probably a helpful practice for our memories.

How to use for Gameschooling

As you know, we love using games for school, and I think Bottle Bullseye will be a great game to add to our school days.

P.E. – Obviously, it would be an easy addition to gym class as is. There was lots of hand/eye coordination, but you could add it to an obstacle course or relay race for even more physical activity.

Math– Because of the scoring, it’s easy to add in some math work with this game. There was adding up the score of course, but I also found the kids telling us how many points they needed to win. ( “We need 4 more points to reach 11, so we need to either hit the center for 6, or we need two 2s”…etc) As well as figuring out the point difference between the players. Lots of great mental math is going on just as is.

You could add even more math to the game. Reverse the scoring and have everyone start with, say, 21 points, and subtract each time you score—the first one to zero wins. You could also set up flashcards and answer a math problem every time you make (or don’t make) a shot. This could work with any subject.

Music– It would be super fun to play a piece of music you are studying (or just any fun music) and see who can score the most points before the music goes off.

Science– In the game, you have the bottles filled with a certain amount of water when you flip. It could be an exciting experiment to fill the bottles with more or less water, or perhaps even a different substance to see how that affects the flippability. (Let’s pretend that’s a word.)

The Verdict

We thoroughly enjoyed this game! I think it would be especially great at any function where you have a wide range of ages because it would appeal to so many, but it would be great anytime or anywhere. It would make a great family Christmas gift because everyone can play.

We’re looking forward to playing it over and over!

You can find Bottle Bullseye here to purchase your own!

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