Where Have I Been?

It’s been awhile since I posted because my laptop broke. It was working totally fine, and then suddenly looked like this:

Not a good sign

After talking to a Apple employee over chat (extremely unhelpful- do not recommend), I tried calling the local Apple store. Except apparently, even though it’s a local number Apple doesn’t let you talk to anyone at a local store.

So, after talking to what sounded like a college student hanging out in his parent’s basement, (“What up?”-Is that how you could imagine answering a phone at any job you have ever worked at? Or just ever…at all? ) I decided to bring it into the store.

Because of Covid, the Apple store had limited appointments so it took awhile to bring it in. But it meant I got to take my first trip to the mall since March (well, probably before March because I don’t normally go to the mall all that often.)

Apple has you stand outside the store “distanced” until someone comes to get you. You then have your temperature taken. Masks don’t bother me at all but temperature taking does. But, I made it through!

They decided after all that they couldn’t fix it in the store. It had to be sent out for the screen to be replaced. My favorite part of all this was that I had apple care so the $600+ repair cost $0! Yay! This was the first time I’ve actually had to use it, but it made it feel like it was totally worth it.

We have been trying to be outside as much as possible before it’s cold all the time. The past few weeks we’ve been to parks, the beach, the farm, the orchard, and a waterfall.

I had my next appointment for facial retraining. I didn’t think I had made that much progress. However, when you compare the pictures I really think there is a huge difference, especially in my eye!

I’m excited to continue the stretches and see more improvement! I can definitely feel a difference in my face so it’s exciting to see a difference as well.

I have some Halloween printables I’ll be posting in a bit now that I have my laptop back. We’re also going to be starting a bat unit study that I’ll share probably next week.

I hope everyone had a lovely few weeks!

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