Free Halloween Printables

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I’m not usually a huge fan of halloween, but this year with how things are and not knowing if even trick-or-treating will happen, I decided that I wanted to do a little something Halloween-ish with the kids. So I made us some fun Halloween games and activities. Most of them are for Purplicious’ drawers. There are downloads below for each of them. Enjoy!

Halloween Shapes Matching Memory Game

This matching memory game has adorable pumpkin, mummy and frankenstein shapes. You can adjust the difficulty by using all the cards or start with a limited amount.

Halloween Word Search

There are two Halloween word searches included here. One a bit easier that only includes CVC words and one a bit more difficult.

Halloween Bingo

What is it about bingo makes it so exciting? My kids always love bingo!

Halloween Cutting Practice

Purpleicious LOVES these cutting sheets. This time I made some in color and some in black and white to save on colored ink. (They are in the same download.) These work awesome for cutting practice, but with the fall ones I made last month some people said their kids like tracing them, so that’s a great way to use them as well. You could even stick them in some dry erase pockets like these to make them reusable.

Halloween Cut & Paste Shape Sort

Those cute little halloween shapes from the memory game make another appearance here in a cut and paste shape sorting activity. There are 3 of these each with different shapes. You could also print these on cardstock, laminate and reuse instead of glueing. That’s what I am going to do. I love laminating so I do it anytime I get a chance. This is the laminator I have and it is amazing!

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