Feels like a Monday

I know today is Wednesday, but it feels like a Monday to me because Mike was off work Monday and Tuesday this week. He strategically picked this week to take a couple of days off because he’s off on Friday for July 4th, so he will have just a two day work week this week. A four-day weekend followed by a three-day weekend, not bad!

Last week, Animal Lover caught a bird while we were outside playing. I still can’t believe she was able to, but she was quietly laying in the grass with a bucket, and when the bird landed, she put the bucket right over it. Then she came running over to tell us she caught a bird.

Our conversation went something like this:
“I caught a bird! I caught a bird!”
“Oh nice, you pretended to catch a bird?”
“No, really! I caught a real bird!! Come see! I caught a bird! Good thing Gaga’s not here!”
And then me internally: Oh gosh. She probably caught a dead or injured bird. Is bird flu a thing still? We probably all have bird flu now. Great! We’re ground zero for the next global pandemic, and we’re not even really done with the first one.

But no, it was a real, live, seemingly healthy bird that she somehow captured being the animal whisperer she is. She was distraught when she realized I wasn’t going to let her keep the bird for “closer observation.”
I was only able to get one quick picture when she took off the bucket before the confused bird took off since you know, I thought there was no way possible there was a live healthy bird under the bucket. I have to say I thought I should have been able to identify the bird after our bird unit, but I’m not sure what kind of bird it was.

And even though the bird looked fine, I did still make everyone go inside to wash their hands and told everyone no more bird capturing for the day.

Nothing else lately has been as exciting as the capturing of the bird. Yesterday I made more masks. I thought I would be done mask making by now, but I guess not. I have a couple more batches that I need to make for people that asked, and then I might switch to making some kid-sized ones since schools here have now said they will be opening in the fall and students will be required to wear masks.

This weekend we did some decluttering and organizing. I sorted through all of the girls’ clothing by taking out all the items that were too small or the wrong season. It took almost a whole afternoon, but will be so helpful for laundry.

We hung new book racks for Purplelicious now that her new bed is all set. She was very excited about picking out books to put in there.

There have been thunderstorms and rain the past few days, so we’ve been inside more lately. Yesterday it was rainy but not thundering, so I let the kids play in it. They loved it, but when they got back inside, they said they “had to” have hot chocolate and watch a movie. It seemed so weird to be making hot chocolate in June. While watching our pick, The Absent-Minded Professor, Animal Lover commented that “Black and white movies are so weird. It’s like the people are cartoons”.

It’s back to a thundery afternoon here, so I’m glad we spent the morning outside. I hope everyone is having a good week!

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