Read-Aloud and Audiobook List

Animal Lover’s love of reading, comprehension, and attention span for listening to books far surpasses her current reading level. I know that she will eventually “catch up,” so I try not to push her too hard since I would rather have her love reading then be able to do it well and hate it. AlthoughContinue reading “Read-Aloud and Audiobook List”

Learning United States Geography with Games

This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support! While planning for the school year, I was looking at our geography curriculum for Animal Lover, and I noticed she will be using state flashcards to memorize the states. IContinue reading “Learning United States Geography with Games”

Trying My Best

Today I made my coffee as usual (or so I thought). Somewhere in the chaos of getting the kids’ breakfast, breaking up fights that were already occurring, and unloading the dishwasher, I stopped for a second to take a sip of coffee. Yuck! It tasted like coffee water, which was when I realized that IContinue reading “Trying My Best”

Curriculum Choices for 2020/2021

Trying to plan school for the fall while having no idea what will be going on in the world is confusing. Last year we went to a hybrid twice a week. I taught kindergarten, and Chaosman was in class with me. Animal Lover was in 1st, and Purplelicious was in the pre-k room. Our planContinue reading “Curriculum Choices for 2020/2021”

Books for People Who Love The Office

I love The Office. I’ve watched every episode a thousand times, but I still love rewatching. Even though we have it on DVD, I often watch it on Netflix, and I am so sad that they will be removing it soon. I also love reading, so I’ve compiled a list of books for people whoContinue reading “Books for People Who Love The Office”