2020, you crazy!

Life is crazy lately, huh? Quarantine can make you do crazy things, such as contemplate giving yourself bangs (Don’t do it! You’ll be growing them out until the next plague), binge watching Tiger King, wiping down everything you bring in the house including the container of wipes, or rereading old blog posts from 2009. When you reread your house’s blog from 2009, you’ll think how exciting it is to be able to go back and read about all those fun goings-on and think, “Hey! I should totally do that again.”

So here we are, a quarantine blog inspired by some rereading of the classic 102 Ladies blog. I mean really, who wouldn’t be inspired to start a blog after reliving Colleen’s Top 10 Christmas Movie Countdown or our trip to see Big Butter Jesus.

What will I write about on my blog, you ask?

  • our school days
  • our daily lives
  • who knows?! I didn’t really think this through too long

So, welcome to There’s a lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things blog. Which, is of course named after a quote from The Office, because would it really make sense for me to name a blog after anything else? That said, I think the quote fits my current life perfectly. The life of a mom is ordinary but certainly beautiful. And messy. It’s also very messy.

What has this lockdown madness inspired you to do?

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